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Our very successful intensive English language programmes have been running for 26 years.  We have welcomed over 46,000 students on these, almost all from Eastern Central Europe – but all are welcome!

Over the many years, we have developed engaging and inspiring programmes for students which not only enhance students language acquisition, but build extensive fluency and confidence which comes from interacting with native speakers of English on a daily basis. Our programmes seek to develop the students' cultural knowledge and awareness, and as such give a realistic framework for consolidating vocabulary, language patterns and forming a deep understanding of language in use.

We provide this opportunity from the start, by communicating with the accompanying teacher to find out the students’ language strengths and abilities in order to build a programme which is appropriate for their needs. At that point a unique programme is designed at the students’ level/s using an integrated thematic approach, which fosters knowledge of the surrounding environment and the associated language which would be met there. The classroom opportunities we create, ensure that students have an interactive multi-sensory experience which meets a variety of learning styles and are designed specifically to encourage natural communication.

The three-tiered approach we practice creates secondary reinforcement, as the students continue their learning outside the classroom. As well as being facilitated in accessing cultural information from our ELT specific guides, who can bring out the very best from the beautiful coastal locale, students are engaging with the environment themselves, information seeking, problem solving and expanding on the 'taught' information from the classroom.

For further cultural awareness, students stay in host families who not only help students gain an understanding of typical British life, but are themselves a resource which students can utilise to gain new language. This immersion in family life provides conversation opportunities and reinforcement of the thematic topics covered during class time.

The information students gain from the outside environment is brought back to the classroom to ensure it is used for active communication and for concept checking and consolidation.

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Our SOL teachers bring English language to life in a series of 10 videos based on life in Devon and the UK. Experience native-speaker teachers leading the learning in your classroom and gain a valuable collection of videos, differentiated materials and resources that you can use with your learners time and time again.

These videos will go on sale on our website from November, but if you are considering bringing students to SOL next year or in the future, then purchasing these videos can act as a reservation fee for your future course.

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Allotment video task A2-B1

Allotment video task B2 plus


Instow. Boats and battles task A1. A2

Instow. Boats and battles task B1. B2


Devon cream tea making task. Level A

Devon cream tea making task. Level B1


Devon cream tea - Bake and Build. Level A

Devon cream tea - Bake and Build. Level B


Ilfracombe work and leisure. Level A

Ilfracombe work and leisure. Level B


Instow beach at low tide. Level A1. A2

Instow beach at low tide. Level B1. B2


Easter in the UK and Easter 2020. Level A

Easter in the UK and Easter 2020. Level B


Easter in the UK and Easter 2020. Level A

Easter in the UK and Easter 2020. Level B


Westward Ho! Level A1. A2

Westward Ho! Level B1

Westward Ho! Level B2+


Coronavirus Heroes

CH - Tasks and worksheets

CH - Captain Tom Part 1

CH - Captain Tom Part 2

CH - Climbing Mount Everest at home

CH - On our bike for Dad

CH - Run for money

CH - Airline staff find new ways to keep busy

CH - Robot deliveries

CH - Teachers helping out

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