Our courses offer classes which are inclusive, dynamic, and cultural and meet the various learning styles of international students. Class sizes are kept small to allow for maximum participation and learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.

From a learning perspective, we teach using integrated themes, which means that students learn language through interactions with themes and then go on to associate them with the environment and culture.  

Classes are taught mainly in a semi-circle to promote a sense of equality and to enhance direct communication opportunities and mostly without tables to allow freedom of movement and to reduce physical and metaphorical barriers to learning.

Communication within the classroom is enhanced with the inclusion of relia and physical resources which promote sensory awareness and deeper cultural understanding.

Movement within the classroom environment is encouraged, through planned information gap activities and variety of grouping/pairing techniques.

The use of technology, is supported in class and is used by our teachers to facilitate learning.

Communication between students is given priority and classroom space over the instructions and direct teaching time of our teachers. Our teachers serve as facilitators of communication opportunities and providers of enriching learning.

Our teaching team has diverse personal and educational experience and are very skilled in enhancing the students learning with their own areas of specialisation.

Decoration is a key aspect in our learning environment, and classes are painted and decorated in a way that utilises our themes of learning and enhances language and environmental understanding.

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