Covid-19 destroyed the reserves that we had built up over the preceding years, which were planned to be used to provide more support for teachers of English who have the biggest problems accessing real English for so many reasons. Our whole existence was at risk as we had no income at all for 26 months due to student groups unable to travel and come on our wonderful courses in Devon.   

Now, as we recover from the pandemic, we will be planning to provide this extra support once again. We will continue to offer free places on our teacher training courses held each summer at the various national conferences. We will be looking to other ways of support - and are happy to hear any suggestions and requests.

Any donations from people who know what we have achieved in the past 32 years in central and eastern Europe, and believes in our mission is very welcome to offer their support in the form of a donation at the following link. It will help us to reach beyond those that can manage to come to England, and especially where access to English is more difficult or the financial barriers are too great. 

Thank you to all for your continued support.


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