Teacher Observational Course

Be inspired on this unique, engaging and developmental experience which allows fellow colleagues across the geographical and experiential sphere an opportunity to become part of, not only a cultural and environmental learning exploration, but a location-based pedagogical, methodological observation of teaching and learning with environmental principles.

During this experience, you will become more familiar with communication-based approaches in the ELT classroom, the environmental and organisational, principles which inspire students and the strategies which build their confidence and develop their vocabulary, allowing them to assimilate new language in a new environment. You will observe the how and why of the approaches in the classroom and how they are linked with thematic environmental learning on field trips and ways to consolidate the students experiences for deep learning.

When participating on this course, you will spend half of your day observing our teachers in practice with live students. You will be encouraged to keep observation records and focus on some observational target statements each day, although we encourage you to develop personal targets alongside this. You will accompany a learning group for the other half of the day, exploring the glorious locale, gaining insight into local cultural and historical information and observing how classroom learning is extended in the external environment.

Between lessons and visits, you will have the opportunity to meet with our teaching team to explore your observations, expand on any ideas, or indeed to share your own opinion of what you have seen.

This course is particularly useful for new teachers who have yet to experience English culture first hand, and who are looking to give the most culturally realistic experience to their students or experienced teachers those who are looking to teach with more diverse methodology and are looking for new ways to inspire and motivate their students.

Available dates are not yet determined but in view of the popularity if these courses and the limited availability, early statement of interest is recommended - then we will contact you when dates are known to discuss the best options for you.

Price will be as last year:   7 days/6 nights: €290         9 days/8 nights: €315           10 days/9 nights: €365  

Please contact at: sol@sol.org.uk


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