When to Visit

The summer is always extremely popular and busy.  However, we recommend taking advantage of our off peak
prices by coming in winter, spring or autumn where there are less traffic jams and the weather can be just as good.  The climate is moderate in all seasons, and the good sunshine record is one of the reasons why Devon is such a popular holiday area.   Although it can be unpredictable, most groups find it much better than its reputation!  When it rains, it rarely lasts long, and, even in winter, day temperatures are always above 0°C.

Arrival in Devon will normally be on a Sunday (for one week programmes) or Monday.   When leaving, the departure at 06.30 allows a full 8+hour day in London for groups using their own coach.  In Devon the whole programme is fully organised, but after leaving Devon the responsibility lies with the group leader, though SOL is ready to give as much assistance as needed in planning further visits.   Many groups plan extra nights near London or elsewhere enabling the group to visit other places of interest (e.g.: Bath, or Oxford).

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