Be Inspired, Engaged and Free in 2023

Be Inspired, Engaged and Free in 2023

RECHARGE your students’ love of learning and travel with our exciting and engaging English language courses which bring out the best in English language learners and accelerate language knowledge, confidence, and fluency.

RECONNECT with English cultural experiences where students can use real language in context and gain real understanding of its use.

INSPIRE students with active and stimulating classes which focus on speaking English using a variety of diverse cultural topics or themes which meet different learning styles and interests.

ENGAGE with welcoming host families who will reinforce and expand on the English language learning of the classroom and allow opportunities for communication and cultural learning.

EXPLORE the amazing beaches of the Atlantic Ocean coast, and the beautiful countryside surrounding our lovely small towns and villages. Learn new language in context and revise and consolidate classroom learning.

ENSURE the booking of one of these wonderful courses with a 10% DEPOSIT.





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