Full groups booked and 50% paid for by December 31st are eligible for £10 discount for each student. These prices are guaranteed until December 31 2023.    

After that there will only be an increase if the Official UK Consumer price interest exceeds 8.0% and would only apply to the balance due.

Dates show arrival days.                            Additional days beyond 10:  + £32 per day                  Less days than 6:   - £21 per day                                        

Additional teaching groups:

Three teaching groups are provided automatically for groups of 41 fully paying participants or over. Four teaching groups are provided for groups of 60 students or over.  An additional teaching group can be provided at a rate of £1 per student per day. Such a request must be made 6 weeks before the course.

For smaller coach groups prices hold for 34 + 3 teachers. For each student less than 34 in number add £16 per day to the total GROUP price.  So, bringing 30 students on a 7-day course means:

£ (34-30) x 15 x 7 = £420 is added to the TOTAL group cost.    For special diets a supplement is no longer required but the information is, so that we can forewarn families.  


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