Full groups booked and 50% paid for by December eligible for £10 discount for each student. These prices are guaranteed until Dec 31 2023.    

After that there will only be an increase if the Official UK Consumer price interest exceeds 8.0% and would only apply to the balance due.

AIR GROUPS (or other groups arriving by public transport)    

The price excludes the travel to the UK but includes everything else including all the Devon programme travel, plus direct transfers between London Heathrow and North Devon at suitable times (we are 4-5 hours from London).   Prices for arrivals at Bristol or Bournemouth may be cheaper – please enquire.

All arrivals in Devon are between 18.30 and 20.30, all departures at 06.30).  There is a supplementary charge for any change from the direct route to and from Devon or for picking up from a different location.   Stonehenge can only now be booked by the school itself – it is free for a bona fide State school, but your curricular reasons must be made very clear!    A small budget for each group is also set aside to cover visiting teachers’ expenses, except travel.

The prices given below are per student for groups between 18 and 22 in number. Otherwise, the price will vary with the size of the group, as shown.  For groups larger than 50, a separate agreement needs to be reached.  All resultant prices are then reduced by 7.5% during the winter season (To 10 Mar and from 20 Oct).

6 – 7 students       + 40 %                   13 – 17 students + 10%                   35 – 39 students  - 15%      

8 – 9 students       + 25%                    23 – 28 students - 5%                      40 – 45 students  - 20%      

10–12 students     + 17.5 %                29 – 34 students - 10%                    46 – 50 students  - 25%

Additional teaching groups:

Three teaching groups are provided automatically for groups of 41 fully paying participants or over. Four teaching groups are provided for groups of 60 students or over.  An additional teaching group can be provided at a rate of £1 per student per day. Such a request must be made 6 weeks before the course.

Supplementary Payments Relating to London-Devon Transfers:

Our price includes DIRECT transfer between Devon and HEATHROW AIRPORT

For 2024 the following supplementary charges for other pick-up points will be made (per journey per group):

Heathrow £0

Central or West London £80

Luton Airport £80

North, East or South London £105

Gatwick Airport £105

Stansted Airport £130

Journey Diversion Supplements:

Arrival Day - Apply where feasible and where the time added is less than 2 hours and doesn’t delay arrival time in Devon beyond 18.30

Salisbury £0

Windsor £0

Avebury £50

Central London £215 (drop off/pick up only – NO TOURS)

Bath £105

Oxford £105

Hostel and London Attraction Booking:

Booking groups (pre-paid) into London attractions or hostels in advance: £20.

Attractions booked in the office after arrival: £25

Departure Day - apply when feasible and where time allocation is less than 2 hours:

Salisbury £80

Windsor £80

Avebury £80

Central London £215

Bath £130

Oxford £130

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