Croatia calling! It's time to meet our coordinator Irena Holik.

Tell us about your work/role with SOL

SOL coordinator for Croatia

What, or who, was your first encounter with SOL?

I received the prize in 2010 at the HUPE conference in Opatija where I met Grenville. After my first visit Grenville somehow felt I could be the person to encourage all the other teachers and students in Croatia to visit Devon and SOL as well.

What do you love about SOL?

Right now, I love about SOL the same things I loved the first time I visited Barnstaple and the things I love every time I visit Devon and that is – you feel like at home! Everything seems so relaxed and natural and you feel accepted. Students and teachers have a privilege to stay with the English families, learn about their culture, visit all the beautiful places, feel the nature and smell the ocean…

Where and what direction would you like to see SOL take in the future?

I like SOL exactly as it is so I can’t think of any changes.

When you’re not supporting SOL, what do you do?

I teach English at a primary school in Croatia.

Tell us something interesting about your country we may not know?

Tourists mainly visit Croatia for our beautiful sea, but in Croatia there are also mountains, national parks, beautiful towns and villages. People are nice and friendly. If you visit a family in Croatia, you will be served with a lot of traditional food and wine and you will not leave our houses empty-handed. There is always something extra for our guests, so they are not hungry on their way home

If you would like more information on bringing a group from Croatia please visit our Croatian page or email Irena at