Presenting our Coordinator in Kosovo, Festa Shabani.

Tell us about your work/role with SOL:  

SOL’s coordinator for Kosovo since 2015.  

What, or who, was your first encounter with SOL?

My very first encounter with SOL was Google! I was at the end of my bachelor studies in English department in 2014 and as a future English teacher I said to myself; I should find a way to visit England and learn more about the culture, tradition and experience the life there in order to always have something to say and do for it in my life career as an English teacher and of course as a person too.

Google listed me the programs in England for English teacher so I visited the SOL’s webpage and immediately emailed the SOL’s general director Mr. Grenville Yeo and organized the visit in England, at SOL for the very first group of students from Kosovo. (all future English teachers).

What do you love about SOL? 

I love the SOuL that SOL people have, and its philosophy of helping English language learners around the world.

Where and what direction would you like to see SOL take in the future?  

I would like to see SOL continuing its work and mission on helping the English language teachers and language learners by offering different and unique programs.

When you’re not supporting SOL, what do you do?

When am not supporting SOL well there are plenty of activities that I do.  I teach English in a school state in my city in Gjilan, I manage a language center here in Gjilan called ‘’Sidi Education’’ where I teach English too.  I’m a municipal advisor, something different from my profession and I love helping people.

Tell us something interesting about your country we may not know?

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe with a median age of 29.1 years. A very warm and welcoming place too.

If you would like more information on bringing a group from Kosovo please visit our Kosovan page or email Festa at

Queen Anne Statue, Barnstaple

ELTA Albania conference with prizewinner

Instow Beach, Devon
Festa on TV in the capital of Kosovo, Priština