A very special in-service course for teachers                                                                                     

An International, innovative, congenial, Unique, and magical experience in the beautiful Sremski Karlovci, Serbia right by the Danube.

Drama, AI, Environment, Diversity, current issues, new connections, and friendships to experience and enjoy together.

The course will be held in the Ecological Centre, near Novi Sad with Jody Medland, Vladica Rakić and Sanja Čonjagić.

This will be a very INTERNATIONAL experience with teachers of English from many countries in central and eastern Europe participating. It always engenders a wonderful spirit of togetherness, sharing the differences in each other’s lives, while appreciating that our calling to be a teacher is the same, wherever you live.

This is a fully immersive programme run from early morning, the accommodation is on site with morning yoga available for all to enjoy as part of the programme. Morning sessions will be led by Jody Medland, and the afternoon will be a broader mix of visits, sessions in the centre and some well-deserved free time. The evenings will offer a more social time together, including and international evening where we embrace cultural activities.



                                         Aims of the course

Our mornings tutor, Jody Medland, is a fully credited screenwriter and a published novelist and playwright. His work is renowned for its strong characters and original concepts, and he is deeply passionate about education. He has been working with teachers, looking into ways to engage students in oracy skills, which includes reading, watching, listening, observing, creative thinking, group discussions and public speaking. His sessions will be built around a contemporary one act play, which was written by himself and has been performed at theatres in the UK.

Silo Sci-fi/Drama

During a state of emergency, an inventor sends a self-building robot to care for his father in his dying days, but as the robot gets creative with the rules by which its governed, it starts to pose a threat to the whole of humanity.

Over the course of 6 days, Jody will use the script for the original play to teach the importance if plot, story structure, and character dynamics whilst bringing awareness to the humanistic and moralistic dilemmas each character is exposed to. The course uses engaging content to focus on both English and Drama, making it perfect for the development of Speaking, Observation, and Listening skills in English.

Our other tutors are also our local organisers and hosts, Vladica and Sanja. They will both organise the visits but also lead a range of discussions and presentations in house. Altogether, these will help participants to:

-         Explore the local environment to understand the values, attitudes, and beliefs of people in this multicultural region.

-         Reflect and share your professional lives as teachers in a safe and supportive environment, identifying areas you wish to develop in the future.

-         Work together as an international group in a tolerant, peaceful, and understanding way.

-         Think about how we bring up young people in a spirit of internationalism.

-         Consider what we can take away from this week, and all the ways it can be brought into our own classrooms.


Planned activities: Drama, creative writing, exploring the local environment, structured discussions, individual and group presentations, cultural activities, and yoga.

The programme will run from the 11th -18th August, the price is €495 inclusive of everything in the programme including food and accommodation, but does not include the cost of transport to and from Novi Sad/ Karlovci. For registration please Apply here


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