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We are excited to offer a FREE online training course for online drama activies and language learning from Monday 27th July Friday 31st July 2020:

"Remote Theatre - (taster course) - An on-line training course for teachers run by Nick Bilbrough"

Organised and run by SOL (Sharing One Language), Barnstaple, Devon.


Each online contact session is from 10.00 to 11.30 each day ECT.

After day 1, 2, 3 and 4, there will be something for the participants to prepare and present for the following days.

Day 1) What is remote theatre? Exploring the theatrical potential of online platforms. Working with scripts...

Day 2) Performance skills through a webcam ...Online storytelling screen storytelling

Day 3) Getting physical/TPR online

Day 4) On-line role play and improvisation activities

Day 5) Devising remote theatre/final performances - feedback


This is a free course but requiring an “honesty deposit”which you hold on to.  It is very important that all participants do complete the course.  We anticipate the demand will be greater than the number of places and so it is important that no place is left unfilled by the end of the course.


So we are asking you to set aside €50 as a deposit but hang on to it and return it to yourself at the end! This is to emphasise the importance of commitment to all 5 days!


There will be other goodies to follow as well, including a voucher towards the 2021 live course in Devon. Also a copy of the wonderful “Hands Up Project” book  “Welcome to Earth and other stories” - a collection of 30 of the best 5 minute plays that were created and performed by Palestinian young people as part of the 2019 Hands Up Project play writing competition (30 texts and QR code links to the videos).


Nick Bilbrough is a teacher, teacher-trainer and author of resource books for teachers. He has taught and trained language teachers in many diverse contexts in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Europe. He is also the founder and coordinator of the award-winning UK registered charity, The Hands Up Project, which provides learning opportunities for young people, mostly in Palestine, through online conversation, storytelling and drama activities.



We will be running two exciting teachers courses in Devon next summer from 2nd - 13th August 2020:

"Developing Language and Developing appropriate methodologies" with Fiona Mauchline and Mark Andrews.
"Drama with Students - in the classroom and on stage." with David Fisher and Nick Bilbrough.

Plus our all new autumn teacher course from 4th - 18th October 2020:

"Teaching English to Very Young Learners (Kindergarten)" with Sylvie Dolakova

For more than 26 years teacher training courses have been held in Devon at SOL. It is a very important part of our work and something we always look forward to.  As with our student courses, if you come you will have a fully integrated experience of life in host families, work inside and outside the classroom, as well as time spent exploring Devon and the Atlantic coast.

Our English Language Teacher courses work on many different levels for you as teachers: language development, reflection on your own teaching, observing your own tutors' teaching, deepening your knowledge of life in an English speaking country, experiencing the classroom from a student's point of view, realising that the classroom need not to be limited to its usual four walls and discovering many more practical activities you can use in your teaching. an for relaxation and reflection is an excellent way of re-charging batteries and gathering strength, motivation and inspiration for the new school year.  Days will be full and it will be an immersion in language and culture, but you will leave refreshed all the same.

To share life in an English family home and see first-hand its cultural differences and variety. It is an excellent way of experiencing for yourselves and adapting to another culture. Our English Language Teacher courses include reflection on these experiences, which can then feed into and influence the kind of activities you do in the classroom to prepare your learners for life, wherever they may go.

Our English Language Teacher courses include social evenings with activities such as skittles, pub quizzes and folk singing. We like you to get a flavour of what is currently happening in Devon and the UK at the time you are with us. Exploring the local and national media and working on it from a classroom methodology perspective as well as for yourselves.

Although you make your own way to England, we can always advise you on travel.  We will meet you in London at around midday and take you to Devon with a stop at Salisbury en route.

Our trainers are experienced in working with teachers from Central and Eastern Europe.  They are sensitive to your teaching circumstances, both in terms of economic remuneration and resource provision and are ready to respond to your needs and questions as courses evolve.

“Developing Language and Developing appropriate methodologies”  
Fiona Mauchline and Mark Andrews will be the tutors on our new summer course: “Developing Language and Developing appropriate methodologies”  

 Our course will run from August 2nd-13th, 2020. There will be a focus on the following approaches and areas: Project Based Learning, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Learning Locally and Engaging Students Outside the Classroom, and Critical Media Skills.

We will also include a daily language development session for teachers, which will relate to how we get our own students to be more responsible for their own language learning.

The first five mornings of the course will involve daily input from Mark and Fiona on language and methodology in class.  We will then relate the approach focused on in the morning to the local places on the Atlantic coast that we visit in the afternoons.

The final four days of the course will see the teachers working in groups on projects. They will choose and organise their projects based on two of the approaches discussed in the first part of the course. They will manage their own budget, as well as deciding where to go in North Devon and what to do. This way, they will experience what it is like to negotiate and work in groups. On the final day, teachers will present a lesson plan highlighting what they have learnt on the course, and including a reflection on what they have learned from working in groups.

This course is the result of eight years’ experience of giving teachers responsibility themselves in the second half of the course, and we believe that actually experiencing group in the way and reflecting on it can have a positive impact on the way that teachers organise group work with their students in the future.

“Drama with students - in the classroom and on stage.”  
David Fisher and Nick Bilbrough will be the trainers on our brand new summer course: “Drama with students - in the classroom and on stage."

David Fisher of The Bear Theatre and Nick Bilbrough from The Hands Up Project will be leading this innovative new teacher training course.Covering the following topics:

·        Drama in teaching.

·        Online storytelling.

·        Classroom activities.

·        Improvisation.

·        Remote theatre.

·        Creating and performing a script.

Because our mission is to support teachers of English in their work and never make a profit out of them, we run these on a non-profit basis – just €790 for those without a grant.   It is definitely the lowest UK price by far!

The course is eligible for Erasmus+ funding but the price is then unsubsidised at €1,290

Application Form 2020

"Teaching English to Very Young Learners (Kindergarten)"
Slyvie Dolakova will be the trainer on our all new Autumn course for teachers of young children. "Teaching English to Very Young Learners (Kindergarten)"

This course will provide Kindergarten teachers with insights into how they can support young children to develop as confident learners. Participants will develop teachers’ awareness of the principles and practice of teaching English to very young learners, to balance their professional and personal commitments, extend their classroom language and have the opportunity to improve and update their spoken and written English. The participants will be encouraged and challenged to consider how this can enhance their professional practice.

 This course will cover the following areas:

  • Personal language development
  • Early cognitive development and first language learning
  • The role of play and the importance of receptive language in teaching very young learners
  • Design and creation of teacher-made materials for very young learners
  • Classroom management and classroom language
  • Assessment of very young learners

The course will provide guidance through:

  • Developing classroom language
  • Using authentic material - nursery rhymes, songs, children’s books
  • Developing language awareness through stories, music, movement, art and craft
  • Play and learning for children
  • Creating school environment for language learning

Participants will be asked to consider how to adapt ideas from the course to classrooms in their own professional contexts. They will create their personal portfolio during the course with all the reflections and feedback from the course, that will emerge from professional discussions after the sessions.

Participants receive a pre-course questionnaire, which should be returned prior to the course. This is to ensure that the areas of most relevance to participants are covered.

This course is eligable for Erasmus+ funding and is only £895

Kindergarten Teachers Course Information 2020

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