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We have another outstanding course being run on the Danube this July.  These truly inspirational courses are UNIQUE and as well as being closer to you at home are priced far below anything else of such quality.  You will leave feeling you have had a holiday as well as a highly motivating professional experience.

  • July 5th - 12th 2020: Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (10km downstream from Novi Sad)

Since 2013 SOL has run these residential summer “SO(u)L  camps” that are truly multinational!     This is such a rare thing these days (outside of the UK) …yet is one of the special benefits participants tell us, getting to know like-minded (and underpaid!) professionals of these courses an sharing different experiences as well as making new friends across borders.

These are teacher development courses with a strong focus on intercultural communication skills and working with the local in ELT. English is the language of communication.

In 2017 the camp took place on the Danube in Slovakia.  The Danube plays a very significant role within Europe ….  as a symbol of flow, reflection, internationalism, transcending national borders and connecting people in a spirit of international friendship.

The camp remains priced at €395 including all tuition, food, accommodation and visits.


Reflecting on your own biography as a teacher with the sight and sound of the Danube close by is a very relaxing way of looking at your professional identity and a lovely setting to make new friends.

In Serbia we make two visits to an island in the middle of the Danube where we explore the nature with a local expert through tasks we can repeat with our students.

Morning yoga is an integral part of the camp. It has a particularly calming effect on all the teachers who take part in it.  And if you’ve never done yoga before then our instructor will ensure you all enjoy it!  

The location benefits from being in Vojvodina, a very multicultural area and we will explore these surroundings including a visit to Novi Sad.  There are direct connections to both Belgrade and Novi Sad by bus, but we will assist with any travel arrangements needed.

If you are looking for somewhere to recharge your batteries as a teacher after the long academic year, and to get renewed energy for the following one, then a week at our SO(U)L camp on the Danube, for both body and soul, is as good a place as any for it!

In the words of one teacher from Poland who came to Sremski Karlovci in August 2016:

Are you dreaming about perfect holidays?  Would you like to meet fantastic people? Do you want to see an amazing place? Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to become a better teacher?  If you answered Yes to these questions, a SO(u)L teacher-training course in Sremski Karlovci is definitely for you.”

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