SOL on Tour in Poland

Mark Andrews will be braving the -10 temperatures outside, he’s looking forward to the Żurek and Bigos to warm him up and if any friends of SOL are near any of these venues and you have spare time  come on Friday, Saturday or Sunday  and join us, you are very welcome.

Check the IATEFL Poland website for details.

This is our first joint SOL – Sharing One LanguageIATEFL Poland tour.

2 March Łódź
3 March Warszawa
4 March Wrocław
Workshops with Mark Andrews (SOL)

After this we are also doing lessons with students and workshops for teachers in Zgorzelec. Görlitz and Kamienna Góra Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka is co-ordinating those as well as accompanying Mark  for the IATEFLPoland/SOL tour.

Do zobaczenia wkrótce i trzymaj się ciepło!