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SOL’s mission is to support the teaching of English in the countries of eastern and central Europe. We carry this out in a number of ways:

• Firstly every student group that comes to Devon comes with their teachers and we want this to be a valuable professional experience for the teachers as well. We like them to be involved with the classes as much as possible, especially for group work and fieldwork. In addition, to see how another teacher works with students they themselves are used to teaching is a very useful experience. Finally it can be interesting to see how the ”classroom” extends beyond the four walls of the room in our centre.

• In August we run a 12-day teacher training programme in Barnstaple and in July we run two 8-day training programmes (SO(u)L camps) abroad.

Although SOL has a small staff, one of the permanent members is Mark Andrews who has 30 years experience of teaching and teacher training in central Europe. This experience is put to excellent use in our summer teacher training programmes mentioned above, but each year we do much more than that.

For 6 to 8 weeks in a year, Mark will be doing workshop tours in various countries, where he will give workshops or seminars to teachers of English in different towns each day. He may include visits to schools or teacher meetings and these tours will usually be set up in conjunction with the country’s teachers association and our own country coordinator. Entry will normally be free and participants will receive a voucher towards the cost of a Teacher course in Devon or a SO(u)L camp.

If you are interested in helping to organise even one such event, then please contact our in-country co-ordinator to discuss it, or SOL direct. We are very keen to follow up requests from teachers or groups of teachers in this way. We anticipate running one such week-long tour at least every two years in each of the countries we work in.

During 2017, Mark has visited dozens of schools and run dozens of workshops and seminars in various countries.  This is a way of us keeping in touch with teachers on a personal level and in many cases he has been able to follow up a school visit to Devon or help in the preparation of one to come.     In the Spring, Mark spent a week in each of Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria and this autumn has been in The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and Macedonia with one week to come in late November in Romania.

Details of all such workshop tours will be posted on our facebook page as well as on our website and in our newsletter. If you are not receiving our regular bi-monthly newsletter then please write to Sharon at or sign up below. Copies of the newsletter will always be on our website as well.

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