Programmes: University Students


Teacher trainees (for English)

For many years we have run very successful short English language courses in  for future teachers of English from The Masaryk University Faculty of Education, Brno and from the University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, both in the Czech Republic and also from the Faculty of Education, University of Osijek, Croatia. These courses are between 8 and 10 days long and an important part is that students stay in an English family where the real everyday life in England can be experienced!

As SOL’s mission is to support the teaching of English in Cenral and Eastern Europe, our Teacher Trainee courses are run as non-profit in order to keep costs down but without compromising on quality. We are able to do this in term time for Universities and each course is run in consultation with the tutors who accompany the group.

The main aim is to give future teachers greater confidence in using the English which they already know, in real situations, to use in their classrooms. This is real English, not text book English’. Whilst we feel methodology is best left to the tutors back home and any local school experience, there will still be several new teaching ideas which students will meet during the programme.

Not least this will be during their day and a half visit to a local Devon school where they will be fully absorbed into school life! For most students this will be into a primary school, (7-11 years) but secondary schools are available for any who may be planning on teaching older students.

This is a really great experience and one that cannot be taught in a college classroom!! You will be surrounded by enthusiastic children all talking in English, and you will be invited to assist in the group work which very much dominates primary education in England. You will see classroom management at its best with up to 25 children all working on sometimes quite different things.

Back at the centre, time will be given to both prepare for and reflect on these classroom experiences, as well as to giving you a chance to build that confidence in using the language. Learning many new words and phrases as well as discussing what diifferences you see in your host family home or in the town, compared to life back home. It is this first hand experience which is so useful for any teacher of English as the contexts will so often be based upon English life, and can be a very differnt experience to what the books say!! (nor is the weather!!!)

Students of other disciplines

SOL has also run English Language courses for students of other subjects in the past including ones on tourism and business. These are not standard ”off the shelf” courses but are discussed and negotiated with each group of students and their tutors. What is certain is that they will have a very alive, real feel to them and will involve meeting local people and developing further confidence in using English, both in general and in the specific area of study.

For example, a group of business students from Zlín, Czech Republic took our local Devon bus company as a business model to research. Competition, customer care, tendering for routes, discipline were some of the topics learnt about. A great insight into business and excellent language work!

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