Open Course Prices 2021

Book and Pay 50% deposit by 23rd December and pay 2020 prices!

Open Courses run in the summer and in late October with fixed dates and prices. Other dates may be provided on demand – if you have a small group please contact us and we may be able to create a course around your request

These courses are for groups which cannot fill a coach on their own and come by air or public coach in order to combine together in our centres.

The price is fixed regardless of the number of students.

The free teacher ratio is 1:8 (but can even be less than 8 if you have a small group  – so please ask as we exist as much for teachers as for students!)

10-day (9 nights) courses: £605 per student

8-day (7 nights) courses: £252 per student  

7-day (6 nights) courses: £485 per student  

The price includes:

  • The prices include direct transfer between London airports, Victoria or hostel and Devon based on our normal 18.30 arrival in Devon and 06.30 departure from Devon.  It does not include additional arrangements outside of these direct journeys although we will always endeavour to assist where we can. This may require patience on arrival day as we seek to make the best arrangements for meeting everyone as pick up and dropping times are subject to the different flight arrangements of each group.
  • On departure day booking a late flight may require planning your own transport within London to reach your airport. Please do not book any London attractions without consulting SOL as we do not guarantee you will be taken straight to London as the other groups may have other requirements.
  • Arrival and departure times need to be within the windows indicated below – this is very important.   Other than for unforeseen delays groups will have to cover the cost of any additional transport required if arrivals and departures are planned to fall outside these times.
  • Direct transfers between North Devon and Heathrow Airport or hostels within permitted times.  (Please also note there are NO night arrivals or departures – Devon is 4-5 hours from London).
  • Flights in to London on arrival day must be before 13.30 Heathrow (13.00 Luton, Gatwick. 12.00 Stansted).
  • Return flights must be booked after 14.00 (13.00 Heathrow) unless arrangements are made to stay in London.
  • All arrivals in Devon are between 18.30 and 20.30, all departures at 6.30am.
  • Devon family accommodation with full board.
  • A full daily programme.
  • All admission charges in Devon.

SOL will determine the pick-up and drop off timings involved which are subject to the different flight arrangements of each participating group.

Stonehenge is not possible on Open Course.

Hostel and London Attraction Booking

  • Booking groups (pre-paid) into London attractions or hostels in advance: £20.
  • Attractions booked in the office after arrival: £25

Adult participants

  • A charge of £5 per night extra for any adult participant
  • Full-time non-employed University students (under 25) pay student prices.

Please note supplementary charges for special dietary requirements:

Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant, Diabetic £20 payable on arrival in SOL office.

Printable 2021 prices

Printable 2020 prices

Printable Programmes for students

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