This March: 'Culture in the Classroom' for qualified and trainee teachers

'Culture in the Classroom' is back this March and this time we are welcoming qualified teachers as well as trainee teachers!

Beginning on the 6th of March, we are offering qualified teachers and trainee teachers the opportunity to liaise with other educational professionals and international universities on a unique online course which explores British culture, English language, and methodology through a variety of themes designed to enhance current and future practice in the classroom as an English teacher.

Our training team have many years of experience between them in English language teaching and will share not only exciting and thought-provoking aspects of British culture but will model these for practical use in the ELT classroom.

These five one-hour sessions are run over two weekends, beginning on the 6th of March. The entire course costs £25.

The full programme is attached below:

Teacher and teacher trainee course March 2021

To join this programme, please contact