We are Family! Meet Elma Velić our coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tell us about your work/role with SOL:

I am a SOL coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What, or who, was your first encounter with SOL?

First time I heard about SOL was at the first TETA conference in Tuzla in 2013. And then if I remember right, I met Grenville at the HUPE conference in Sibenik next year, and after that Mark had a mini SOL-TETA conference through Bosnia and Herzegovina. I remember that I wanted to get the prize to visit Devon and I learned by heart the leaflet that I got from the SOL desk. I thought someone will check my knowledge about Devon if I got drawn. After that, I believe the cooperation and plans to involve this little country into the SOL family was in realisation for the next few years. I loved the process because I knew it was worth it.

What do you love about SOL?

I love the family vibe. I love how people stick together and how everyone seems to know each other for a lifetime. I also love how professional SOL is and the opportunities it offers. For me, SOL has fulfilled my lifelong dream – to visit England and gave me some perspectives that I have never thought of.

Where and what direction would you like to see SOL take in the future?

I like how diverse and strong SOL is and how it offers opportunities for people that are not in the position to attend, see, travel and take courses in England. I think SOL can be one of the main international connections between English teachers, students of English and indigenous language, culture and customs.

When you’re not supporting SOL, what do you do?

I am an activist in my local community, I also work as a journalist in the local media, volunteer a lot online and offline and enjoy growing up with my 6 years old son.

Tell us something interesting about your country we may not know?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is heart-like country with beautiful scenery, nature and interesting people. We are famous for our food and interesting customs, as well as complicated political and administrational system (I know, I know, your country is strange as well, but mine is chaotic :D ).

if you would like more information on bringing a group from Bosnia and Herzegovina please visit our Bosnia and Herzegovina page or email