New Autumn Open Course 2017

Two 7 day courses are now on offer for just £390

Sunday October 22nd – Sat Oct 28th

Sunday October 29th – Sat Nov 5th – concluding with the Bridgwater Carnival

Make use of the autumn break to bring yourself and your students to a wonderful and valuable SOL course at lower prices and in the case of the second one to see the largest and most spectacular carnival in the whole of Europe as well as see some Guy Fawkes celebrations!!

Come and see the spectacular BRIDGWATER CARNIVAL

If you have not seen or heard of the Bridgwater Carnival, then here is a link:

The price includes all UK transport (including transfers from and to London) as well as all accommodation, food, tuition etc.   The second course will involve night travel at the end.

Whether you have just four or five students or a dozen or more this is an opportunity not worth missing and gives your students a real mid-term boost to their English Language confidence!

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