Course Information: Teachers at SOL 2018

Our 2017 Devon Summer Teacher Courses are now complete. More details to follow in Autumn regarding 2018 courses. But please do contact for further information.

Please look out of us at the many Teacher Association conferences we attend as we offer a free or discounted place in the prize draws.

For info on the courses held in SOL Devon, see below:

“Inspirational Devon: A musical, artistic and literary journey for teachers of English”.

This course focused on the use of music, art and literature in the classroom. Set in the heart of Devon’s beautiful countryside, we will visited art galleries, met local musicians and artists, and went to places where famous writers such as William Wordsworth, Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling have lived, travelled and worked.

Based on this, there was a practical workshop ran by ELT specialist Mark Andrews to explore materials and classroom techniques for exploiting artistic topics in fun, thought-provoking and creative ways.

This was a course for Primary and Secondary school teachers who, beyond recharging their batteries by the sea in one of Britain’s loveliest counties, wanted to explore creative methodologies and further their own language development in speech and writing.

This course was eligible for Erasmus + funding if it supported the school curriculum.  The content of the course helped enhance the work of any school or teacher in making English lessons more creative, fun and engaging all the senses.


“ELT can be Green too”.

This course was ideal for any school looking to include environmental and sustainability concepts and practice in the curriculum and how English can be an ideal medium for this.

This  unique course was ran at SOL for the third successive year.  It has grown out of the Devon unplugged course, in 2012, which gave teachers the opportunity to experience what it is like to make decisions, form and work in groups and present  a joint project at the end of the course. We often get teachers to work in groups in our classrooms, but to actually go through the process oneself on a teacher training course can help teachers to appreciate the challenges provided by group work and decision making. It also gives teachers a chance to work together with colleagues from other countries.

We decided, in 2015, to give the course a Green dimension by making the first four days of the course an exploration of Green issues in England. This now involves looking at the way a local school deals with Green issues in the curriculum, a visit to a local windfarm, a visit to the largest indoor rainforest in the world, the Eden Project, walking on the coast and in the sand dunes in the North Devon UNESCO biosphere reserve, seeing how a local Fairtrade shop works and exploring a controversial local Green issue. In fact, the emphasis on the local is one of the important themes of the course, encouraging teachers to think about how they might explore the local in their own teaching contexts.

The course integrates language and culture in ways which give teachers the opportunity to explore the beautiful Devon coastal landscapes, try out cycling along an old railway line, if they would like to, and use the public transport system to get around.  The environment and looking after our planet is a key issue in all schools now and how to integrate it into the curriculum in the English class in CLIL style is a theme running through the course. It will be led by Fiona Mauchline and Mark Andrews for the fourth time running this summer, both experienced teacher trainers, materials writers and conference presenters.

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