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About Our Teachers Courses

For more than 25 years teacher training courses have been held in Devon at SOL. It is a very important part of our work and something we always look forward to.  As with our student courses, if you come you will have a fully integrated experience of life in host families, work inside and outside the classroom, as well as time spent exploring Devon and the Atlantic coast.

Our English Language Teacher courses work on many different levels for you as teachers: language development, reflection on your own teaching, observing your own tutors’ teaching, deepening your knowledge of life in an English speaking country, experiencing the classroom from a student’s point of view (again), realising that the classroom need not be limited to its usual four walls and discovering many more practical activities you can use in your teaching.

We think that spending a part of the summer in a stress-free environment in Devon with the backdrop of the Atlantic ocean for relaxation and reflection is an excellent way of re-charging batteries and gathering strength, motivation and inspiration for the new school year.  Days will be full and it will be an immersion in language and culture, but you will leave refreshed all the same.

To share life in an English family home and see first-hand it’s cultural differences and variety. It is an excellent way of experiencing for yourselves and adapting to another culture. Our English Language Teacher courses include reflection on these experiences, which may well then feed into and influence the kind of activities you do in the classroom to prepare your learners for life, wherever they may go.

All our English Language Teacher courses have social evenings which can include skittles, pub quizzes and folk singing. We like you to get a flavour of what is currently happening in  Devon and the UK at the time you are with us. Exploring the local and national media and working on it from a classroom methodology perspective as well as for yourselves.

Although you make your own way to England, we can always advise you on travel.  We’ll meet you in London at around midday and take you to Devon with a stop at Avebury or Salisbury en route.

Our trainers, led by Mark Andrews, are experienced in working with teachers from Central and Eastern Europe.  They are sensitive to your teaching circumstances, both in terms of economic remuneration and resource provision and are ready to respond to your needs and questions as courses evolve.

The first course as well as being practical for language development (at any level), focuses on inter cultural skills and fieldwork, exploring local Devon life. This involves meeting prominent local people, and if possible,visiting a local school.

The second course is in the “unplugged” tradition, valuing a “less is more” approach, promoting choice and encouraging you to help your learners to take more responsibility for their own learning by actually experiencing what it is like to do a project yourself.  The theme will be an ecological environmental one and at the end, you will have helped produce an on-line journal based on your fieldwork in the local area, meeting many people in the process.   Then reflecting on how you use these tools back home is an important aspect of the course conclusion.

In the end it is all about caring about what we do in the classroom, wanting to do things a better and making continuous professional development a routine part of our lives. Where better to do this in the summer than with SOL on the Atlantic coast in the beautiful South West of England!