SOL at Conferences


SOL aims to be at all national teacher association conferences in eastern and central Europe, as well as one or two others. At each conference that we attend we offer at least one teacher training course in Devon prize to the prize draw and sometimes we can also offer a free place on a SO(u)L camp.

At each conference we have a stand which gives us a chance to meet old or new friends; teachers who have been to SOL or are just enquiring. In addition in most cases we will also be offering at least one workshop (non-commercial) and sometimes a presentation about SOL itself.

In 2017 we anticipate being at the following conferences:

21st – 23rd April 2017:  “Foreign Languages – between innovation” Ustroń, Poland at the Foreign                                                                                                                    Language Centre.        SOL Attendees Mark Andrews

22nd April 2017:                 Macmillan: Elt Ideas in Poprad, Slovakia    

24th April 2017:                 Macmillan: Elt Ideas, Bratislava, Slovakia      SOL Attendees Mark Andrews

28th – 30th April 2017:     ELTA Elbasan in Albania       

13th May 2017:                   Montenegro at the Faculty of Philology, Nikšić.          

19th May 2017:                   Belgrade, Serbia        SOL Attendees Sanja Čonjagić & Mark Andrews

26th May 2017:                    Priština, Kosovo         SOL Attendees Festa Shabani & Sanja Čonjagić

9th – 10th June 2017:         ELT Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia        SOL Attendees  Mark Andrews

16th – 17th June 2017:        TETA Conference in Bosanka Krupa, Bosnia-Hercegovina